GP2X Allegro v0.3

by George Foot

I've ported Allegro to the GP2X. Thanks must go to rlyeh, whose "minimal" library was a great reference for setting the video mode beyond what fbdev can do, and paeryn, whose 2D acceleration routines in SDL provided the basis of the routines Allegro is using now.

Links and Downloads

If you don't know Allegro, but want to learn, have a look around the website, and get the main distribution and install it on your dev PC. You might want to get a zip version instead of the .tar.gz linked above, if you're using Windows. Then get the binary archive above, and use that when developing for GP2X. Use the documentation from the core Allegro distribution, which gets built in various formats as part of the build process.

If you know Allegro and just want to develop for the GP2X, you can just get the binary package - it includes all the headers too, but no docs. Use the documentation from core Allegro, which you'll probably want to install on your dev PC anyway as above (if you haven't already got it).

If you're an advanced user who might want to hack the library itself, you'll need the original sources and my patches, but not the binary archive. It's not too hard to build it yourself.

Using Allegro for GP2X

See Using Allegro for GP2X

Hardware Acceleration

See GP2X Hardware Acceleration in Allegro