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Allegro Vivace is a tutorial aimed at helping people learn how to write games in C for various platforms (including DOS, Linux and Windows), using the Allegro game programming library.

The tutorial isn't finished, and probably never will be by me, though the library maintainers were considering using it as a base for a tutorial to be included with the Allegro library itself, so maybe it will one day be complete. As far as I'm concerned, though, it's been about 5 years since I last had any time to work on things like this, so I'm unlikely to suddenly find time to write any missing sections any time soon!

That said, over the years I've received a great number of "thank-you" emails from people using the tutorial, so evidently it is still useful - don't get discouraged by the incompleteness! I'd like to thank all the people who have sent positive comments, and wonder how it's possible that nobody ever seems to send negative comments. Perhaps everyone is too polite! However, since I'm not planning to ever update the tutorial, it's probably not worth sending comments at all, unless you really want to.


The tutorial is available in several formats. You can get it in one particular format (zipped or unzipped), or in all formats (zipped), or you can get the Texinfo sources. With these you can rebuild it in all the formats yourself, provided you have the required tools (GNU Make, makeinfo and GNU Sed -- only tested on Linux).

The example programs have been written by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz. He provided patches to fix bugs and compatibility issues with recent Allegro versions on 14th August 2004, which I have finally merged and uploaded on 4th October 2004! Sorry for the delay...

You can also get one big ZIP containing everything, including the examples.

This is the seventh draft, plus HTML support, uploaded on 28 April 2000.

vivace.txt (128Kb), (44Kb)
Allegro Vivace in plain text format (143Kb), (47Kb)
Allegro Vivace in Info format (should work with Info, Emacs or RHIDE)
vivace.html (170Kb), (50Kb)
Allegro Vivace in HTML format (92Kb)
Allegro Vivace in all of the above formats
vivace.txi (146Kb), (46Kb)
Allegro Vivace texinfo source (59Kb)
Texinfo source and everything needed to create the above formats (makefile, a C program and some sed scripts) (211Kb)
Example programs for Allegro Vivace (350Kb)
All of the above -- Allegro Vivace in text and Info formats, the Texinfo source, and the example programs.
All the ZIPs contain a directory structure; you can unzip them all on top of each other, and they'll put their files into a subdirectory called `vivace'.

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