JGMOD patches for GP2X

by George Foot


JGMOD is a mod playing library for Allegro. These patches work with my port of Allegro to the GP2X. You might find it easiest to use the prebuilt distribution of Allegro for GP2X.

As always, I recommend you use a decent toolchain for GP2X development - either Open2x or devkitGP2X. Don't use the leaked GPH toolchain, it's slow and buggy.


You'll need to get the original source code from the JGMOD web site too.


Unpack the JGMOD source code, and apply my patches - from the jgmod directory:

patch -p1 < gp2xjgmod-0.1.diff

If you don't have a GNU patch utility, you can get it prebuilt for Windows here: Patch for Windows

Then run the fix script:

. fixgp2x.sh

Now you can run "make" in the src directory to build the library, and in the examples directory to build the examples.

If you're using devkitGP2X you'll need to modify the makefile.gp2x in those directories and change the compiler prefix from arm-open2x-linux- to arm-linux- throughout.

You might like to copy the static libjgmod.a library to your devkitGP2X lib directory and the jgmod.h header file to the devkitGP2X include directory.


Usage is beyond the scope of this document really - check out the examples and documentation!